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Ish-Fish merchandise - stuff for sale!

We're not offering CD's yet, if you want to buy our music you will have to wait. In a meanwhile we have other cool things.

T shirts:

T shirts for sale!

These awesome Tshirts are available for sale at our concerts. It is also possible to order via this site.

Available colors:
Black/white print
Gray/white print
Orange red/black print
Olive green/black print

Sizes: S,M,L

Price: NIS 40
(a couple of long sleeve black T-shirts available for NIS 50 each).

Musical instruments:

Circuit bending - toy guitars.

If you've been to Ish-Fish concert you have probably seen these instruments. We use several types of toy guitars capable of making all sorts of weird analog synth sounds.

The circuitry on these guitars has been bent, additions include pitch bending knob, output jack (guitar cable compartible), output impedance has been changed to accomodate guitar amplifier (if you simply install an output jack on toy guitar you won't get any cool sounds). At the concerts we plug it in an effect chain but it works without effects as well. What it actually does is a simple sine-wave analog synth sound. The pitch knob has a very wide range so you may drop it into bass zone or even lower, where it becomes a percussive clicker. The pitch goes only down, the upper notes are at the original guitar's scale.

Here you can download a short demo of how it works and sounds. It is plugged directly into an amp, without any effects.

Download Bent Guitar demo - 5.80MB, mpeg file

Note: The guitar requires two 1.5V AA batteries, no need to invest in Duracells, it works with every cheapo.

Price: 150 NIS - or $40
You can buy it at our concert (but only after the set), if you want it shipped - contact Sergey. Shipping is not included in the price. If you think this is too expensive you can try to make one yourself, this is actually not very complicated but requires several costy parts and some time to drill, solder and debug.

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