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Ish Fish myBrute persona (just for fun).

Our other bands:

Lorena B = Adi Ulmansky - Ilan's another band.
Hogla - Michael + Ilan's ex band.
meatex Z - Sergey's other band
Shoom - Sergey's 2000-2003 ethnic band
Weiss und Engel - Sergey's 2000-2001 experimental noise band

Friends we play with:

קיצו - Kitzu - Jerusalem prog, parental advisory.
נילי פינק - Nily Fink - She wears helmet and plays AC15!!!
Sumo Elevator - heavy elevator music
Comet Culture - a young band from Jerusalem
iDMG (My Friend Truck and I) - Ukrainean trio, unique and groovy.
יום שני האחרון של אוקטובר - The Last Monday of October - not the longest bandname from Jerusalem
חזירי בר - Bar Pigs? Wild pigs? Ground hogs? Pigs in space?

Local music websites:

Auris Media - live concerts in Israel.
Rock Club - Russian underground in Israel.


התוצרת - Tozeret - urban culture event organized by IF's Michael Mevorach, Nili Fink and Tamar Mushinsky, which drove more than 600 visitors in Tel Aviv in May 2008. In summer 2008 Tamar decided to organize her own event called "Artishok" which became a cute agricultural festival. Michael with Nili will continue with Tozeret-2 in the nearest future.

Non-musical links:

Ilan's facebook - Ish-Fish sexy drummer's facebook page.
Sergey's facebook - Ish-Fish ugly bassist's facebook page.
About : blank - Ish-Fish Michael's favorite website
Sergey's portfolio - paintings and drawings.

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