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The people behind the Fish.

The mystical personalities behind the fish masks!

Michael Mevorach
vocals, guitar.

The mysterious singer/guitarist of Ish-Fish refused to publish his personal details. The rumours say that he spent 14,000 NIS on his guitar, his nighttime job is mixing alcohols and he likes to wear Adidas shoes.

Other bands: The Hoogla, The Moogla, Hootie and the Blowfish and a nice acoustic duo with Nily Fink.

Sergey Engel
bass, vocals.

Born in 1924 in USSR to a jewfish mother, playing balalaika since 1947, guitar since 1957 and bass since 1987. Married, has grandchildren. After moving to Israel in 1992 started eating fishes and in 1999 was consuming fish exclusively for every meal. In 2003 the first mutations (snappers) appeared, his penis started glowing in the dark and he went into a mental health institution for a treatment. After a year of action treatment (fish painting) was released and started writing fish music. In 2006, after unsuccessfull solo fish singing attempt started the Ish-Fish band. Currently consumes vegeterian food only.

Other bands: Ausweis, Method, Shoom, Litte Red Machine, meatex Z, Weiss und Engel, The Crossfishes.

Ilan Tenenbaum

Born in 1985 in Jerusalem, in an intellegent jewfish family. After a vain attempt on piano decided to study something more simple and aggressive. Spent over 30 years in heavy metal bands and after too much blackness rediscovered his love to pop and beautiful girls.

Other bands: Onomatapea, Metal Cross, Post Mortum and The Hoogla.
Currently plays drums with Nadav Barnae and Adi Ulmansky - Lorena_B.

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